Napkin Haiku Review – The Dead Beat, by Cody James

The napkin haiku reviews keep coming! This one’s for The Dead Beat, by Cody James. You can check out more of her writing, art and photography here.

Another top-notch effort from Eight Cuts, I was lucky enough to get a special edition of the book – but you can still get the eBook for dirt cheap and a nice paperback copy for slightly more than dirt cheap. Do it, people!

the dead beat

Headlong tumble through
destructive lives. The whole book
awesomely alive

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Napkin Haiku Review – Charlie, By T.L. Tyson

I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some alarmingly awesome writers via the internet. And the most awesome part is they are making it happen themselves. They put in the long, thankless hours of tweeting until their brain falls out and they are disowned by their real world friends because they want just one more person to enjoy the story they had rattling in their head.

Well I wanted to be able to share some of those stories, and help those other writers get the word out. Thus, Napkin Haiku Reviews was born. It’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a review…on a napkin…written in haiku form. Oh, and I added a sketch too, for no other reason than so you all could laugh at what infantile artistic talent I have.

Anyway, here we go. The first one goes to Charlie, by T.L. Tyson. You can check out more of her stuff here.


Her raw, intimate
portrait delights. Fantasy
joins reality.