A simple content re-architecture brought 100+ existing keyword rich articles that were invisible to search engines to within 2 clicks of the homepage.

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Project Objective
Raise the organic SEO ranking of the auto insurance section.

Knowing that search engines value fresh, well-linked content, Allstate sought to bump up their SEO ranking by rewriting the existing 20 articles in the auto section.

I went beyond the scope of the project and recommended they restructure the navigation to optimize content accessibility and add a blog-style content library that would house over a hundred articles that were already written, but buried in xml files.

When I first received the assignment, a content audit was done of all the auto insurance related content that existed. It was tagged, categorized and inventoried to understand the universe that we could work in.

Then, the navigation was re-worked to support an inverted “L”, with high priority content in the upper left of the top and side nav, and low priority content to the right and down. Drive to quote was high priority, then content about Allstate’s products and last content that was about topics related to Allstate’s products. Sub navigation was exposed to help users find relevant content and help the search spiders find content.

The last part of the exercise was to rewrite the 20 existing articles in the auto section and work with UX and design to create a solution for the new blog-style pages that would house the previously inaccessible articles.

At the time this page was written, Allstate’s auto insurance home page was 3rd on Google for the term “auto insurance.” Time will tell if the long-tail content results in an increase in organic traffic and quote conversion.

Content Audit
Site Map
Copy deck for 20 articles about Allstate policies, coverage and features.
Lead content collaborator with clients, UX, design and technology

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