“Nobel Worthy” in Jupiter (Kallichore, #44)

"Nobel Worthy" in Jupiter by Jeff Pfaller A short story of mine, “Nobel Worthy,” is in the latest issue of Jupiter, a stellar sci-fi mag based out of the U.K. I’m appearing alongside Sam Kepfield, Nicholas Mark Harding, and Roderick Gladwish, who are all more talented than I, which is always an honor. Here’s a brief snippet:

Ian was never interested in time travel until the night his wife died.

They had been at a fundraiser for Northwestern’s physics department – Stephen Hawking agreed to make an appearance and deliver a few inspirational quips through his voice modulator. (He had a book to push, after all.) Ian and his colleagues were giants on campus in the months following the acceptance from his publicist. They charged $250 a plate and rented out the Aragon Ballroom. Their faculty got a group rate on tuxedos.

But Hawking cancelled without warning the day before. Ian tried to call everyone he knew. Offered to fly in Neil DeGrasse Tyson out of his own pocketbook. But there was no skirting it – there was nobody to take his place. Cancelling wasn’t an option – without the annual benefit the department would flounder. Never mind needing to cover the extra cost of the caterer, the Aragon and the thousand programs they’d printed with Hawking on the cover (all non-refundable). No, failure had been predetermined.

You can order a copy and get international mail, or you can read it right now on Kindle.