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Ex Occultus: Wakefield’s Journal
Follow fortune hunters and famed occultists Wakefield and Hollander on some of their most memorable adventures, as they explore the arcane and discover the depths of their humanity. These 8-page mini adventures are posted monthly online and are 100% free.

She Lives, Still Rules
The Wicked King
Jack-in-Irons Part 1
Jack-in-Irons Part 2

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The Strange
During the Rapture, only a select few floated to the Neverending Party upstairs. The rest fled underground or to the mountains in a world seized by Satan and his demonic forces. Two thousand years later – everyone got bored. Lucifer retired and the leaderless demons settled into burnt-out cities, working odd jobs to pass the time in what’s now called “The Strange.” That brings us to John Scrubber, an outcast from his underground settlement, left to fend for himself with his best and only friend – Gog, a pig demon. He wanders amid the apocalyptic Wild West, trying to find salvation any way he can.

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Detroit-area volunteer fireman David Kane has unknowingly been marked to be the man who kills the second coming of Christ. His life soon spins out of his control after a routine call to a house fire turns into a journey to a dimension filled with demons. When he is sent back, David struggles to fully understand how he has become entangled in a plot that has replayed itself over and over for nearly two thousand years. All the while, he must hold his family together and stay one step ahead of the secret societies, religious factions, angels and demons that would see him dead.

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Youth is Sweet
Youth is Sweet is a six-issue limited series that follows sexagenarian Eldon Finch as he tries to reconnect with the surviving members of his Cold War-era covert ops group, SPECTRUM. Together they desperately try to discover how the government discovered they were alive some 30 years after faking their own deaths as they stay one step ahead of a murderous new breed of Government Black Ops soldiers bent on silencing them once and for all.

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A Drink With FriendsJack-in-Irons - Part 2The Wicked King

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