AT&T: Connected content experience for all customers

A unified content strategy across all of AT&T helped them consistently create content that solves people problems, streamlined daily operations, reduced cost, and optimized the use of technology.

Project Objective
Create a flexible design system that allows content to be developed by different teams that is on strategy, on brand, and appears as a seamless, delightful experience to AT&T customers.

Create a repeatable process for content creation, make standardized templates for atomized content across all digital channels, and support it with accountable individuals to manage a content playbook the whole organization can follow.

The Work
A discovery exercise that involved content audits and interviewing stakeholders helped reveal the unique challenges AT&T was facing, along with its strengths. The consumer experience was mapped out to identify different places AT&T customers engaged with content.

We developed a detailed playbook for AT&T to utilize in order to standardize the creation of content. It included guidance, best practices and standards around:

  • Auditing existing content
  • Managing digital assets
  • Documented process
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Target audience and segmentation
  • Strategic approach
  • Personalization guidelines
  • Internal deliverable templates for the content creation process
  • Publishing and distributing content
  • Measurement and optimization
  • Governance

To roll this new approach out to the organization, a collaborative workshop was planned and designed in order to share thinking with key stakeholders while helping them feel ownership and accountability with the new process.


  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Content Audit
  • Unified Content Strategy
  • Content Playbook
  • Client Workshop