The Money Source: Marrying company culture and mortgage industry disruption

A re-imagined set of tools and resources for the modern mortgage shopper from a company with an industry disrupting model and best-in-class customer service.

Project Objective
Design an end-to-end experience for home buyers that brings The Money Source’s people focused approach together with innovative technology.

Create a holistic personalized experience that leverages technology to make things simple and people to make it delightful.

The Work
The Money Source is a unique lender in that it has services and products the help people find, finance, and protect their home. The current site had only the most basic information, and almost no tools to help consumers.

We started by digging deep into the mindset of the TMS customer – frustrated with a confusing, complicated, and daunting prospect of buying a home. We developed detailed personas and user journeys that covered the entire process, from the initial trigger all the way to the experience of living in it.

Using these artifacts, we brainstormed tools, content, technology solutions, and customer service touch points. Each would address frustrating pain points and needs with the customer’s mindset in mind. These were prioritized and evaluated using a matrix that aligned the potential impact, the effort required, and what the effect on TMS business objectives would be.

From there we developed a content strategy, mapped out a feature set that established the roadmap for the next two years, and developed a site map that would become the aspirational future state of the new experiential website. 


  • Communications Audit
  • Personas
  • Consumer Journey
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Map
  • Future Roadmap