US Cellular: Helping rural customers get the most out of mobile

People who visit US Cellular’s eCommerce site after visiting their content marketing hub visit 4x as many pages and spend over 5x as many minutes shopping.

Project Objective
Consistently create content that drives readership and engagement among US Cellular’s priority audience segments.

Provide the edge our segment needs to be in-the-know and maximize their mobile usage, while overcoming category pain points.

The Work
Using segmentation research and stakeholder interviews, we honed in on the content marketing sweet spot – where what customers seek and US Cellular’s unique offering intersect. With a new brand position focused on fairness, and a mission to bring technology to typically overlooked areas, we helped US Cellular carve out space in the minds of their consumers.

Our new strategy focused on four content types:

  • Getting the most out of mobile
  • How US Cellular fights for fairness
  • Examples of how the company’s technology impacts people
  • Future forward looks at new innovations right around the corner.

Every quarter, we generated topic ideas. We also looked for opportunities to plan for unplanned content based on what we knew about industry launches, category trends, search data, and company initiatives. Each article included a brief that helped creatives focus on the unique hook, what the main consumer takeaway should be, and how we could organically tie it back to a US Cellular product or offering.

Some examples of actual content pieces included long-form articles about how people with disabilities can use tech to overcome challenges, video about how VR has more applications than just gaming, and infographics about how mobile tech has evolved over the years.



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